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Blues Man
01 Nov 12, 22:11
Hello everyone, my name is Terry.

I live in Lakeland, Florida. Been practicing mindfullness, for a year now. Don't subscribe to any one school of thought, instead take parts from a couple different ones. The teachings of the Buddha being very influential. Honestly, I don't know much about all the different schools, and in a way don't care to except to see different perspectives. Definitely won't take on a label of any one because I find that to be limiting. Still just working on the first two noble truths, and feel there is a lifetime of learning in the wisdom contained in those two insights. I love to learn, and be challenged. Always researching something. Lately, interested in quantum physics.

Haven't met any one that practices any eastern philosophies around here, and frankly most are not open to discussing such things. So, would like to meet people to engage in civil discourse with. :) peace

01 Nov 12, 22:19
Hello Terry,

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes

Aloka :hands:

Blues Man
01 Nov 12, 22:23
Hello Aloka, thank you. :)

02 Nov 12, 08:34
Hi Blues Man,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


02 Nov 12, 17:13
Hello there! Welcome.

Blues Man
02 Nov 12, 20:02
Hi woodscooter, and thank you :)

Hello tellyontellyon :)

10 Nov 12, 03:27
hi terry,

i found it very helpful when i was initially learning to read, find a community, and practice with instruction.

10 Nov 12, 15:27
Hi all,

In my humble opinion, reading a book is good to get an idea of the principles but practive with instruction from an expert really does make things sink in.