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24 Oct 12, 17:06
Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. I have been a practicioner for about 15 years. I'm in my mid 30's now. I originally found out about higher states of mind with mind altering drugs such as LSD and mushrooms. Then I found meditation. With meditation I awakened to higher states of mind and it got me smart. I haven't meditated for some time and perhaps from you all can find the sacred practice of meditation. My favorite teachings are from India. I feel a very close relationship with India and India Guru's. I often watch Guru's from India on youtube. I find it very theraputic to do so. I want to learn from the various members on things that work to alleviate suffering and find more freedom and humor in ones life. Anyways, I look forward to interacting on this special site.


24 Oct 12, 17:11
Hello - and welcome, Disciple20 :wave:

Sorry, but I'm not very clear, are you a practitioner of Buddhism - or of something else ?

with kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

24 Oct 12, 17:21
Yes I am a practioner. Not as much as I used to regarding meditation though. By being on this forum I hope to find some Buddhist Sangha support!

24 Oct 12, 17:25
Lovely, I hope you'll like it here ;D

24 Oct 12, 17:29
Thanks Aloka-D.

25 Oct 12, 08:34
Hi Disciple20,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


25 Oct 12, 19:41
Hi Woodscooter. Nice to meet you.