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21 Oct 12, 05:31
As I get more involved with the practice, I'm beginning to wonder if and when I should talk to the priest at my temple about receiving the precepts. What are the value and importance of the ceremony and reception? Is it something I should even be thinking about? And how long after practicing would it be appropriate to discuss receiving them if it is something I should do?

21 Oct 12, 06:17
In my opinion, the only value is that if you like ceremonies. No formal ceremony is needed to practice them.

To some though, it can be an important rite or milestone, much like getting baptized etc. So it can be important in that way. It's all up to you what you wanna do.

22 Oct 12, 12:13
Hello Leum ,
I don't concur with JCC here. I actually think that ceremonies and rituals can play an important role in our psychological development. many psychologists and psychotherapists believe that ritual can play a very important role in our lives. Ritual is often utilised as a transformational tool that has a deep impact on the unconscious of the participant.
When we make public declarations of intent we often have more impetus to try and adhere to that intent. Not only do we have our own commitment but we have the expectations and the support of the group before which we declare.
The ceremony itself and it's importance should be discussed fully with those within your tradition whose role it is to accept your pledge/promise/declaration.They will also discuss ones readiness to make such a promise.
I personally feel that for many a formal ritualised pledge can have a much greater impact than a private one and as such should be entered into with solemnity and clarity.


25 Oct 12, 20:59
Thanks for the responses, both of you.