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14 Oct 12, 03:49
I am new. But any time a group of people join together to form a community, it is a wonderful thing. I look forward to getting to know you.

I am very new to Buddhism, but it has already made my life better. I've tried meditating in the past, and just felt... silly. I spent the whole time like, "ok, I'm waiting... Nothing is happening!" And then by chance I was introduce to a book by Thich Naht Hahn and it instantly changed me. Since then I have been reading more and more about Buddhism.

I have considered myself a Unitarian. I adore my church and the community. The weird part about Unitarianism is that they would still welcome me even if I were a Buddhist.

So I am here to learn more. That's a very abridged version of my story.

14 Oct 12, 03:53
Thank you also, Jukes. Please feel welcome

Kind regards



14 Oct 12, 04:10
Welcome jukes! I was raised going to a Unitarian Universalist meeting house. I have a lot of respect for their religious education program.

14 Oct 12, 04:29
Hi Jukes,

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

14 Oct 12, 04:55
Thank you all. Element, i particularly appreciate the video you put up about Eckhart Tolle.

Upon listening to him I thought, "YES! He is right!" But then I hit a point in my life (right now actually) where I tried to apply his "wisdom" and it failed me completely. I am suffering. It is because I have been greedy and ignorant. So here comes karma. I wish I could "live in the now". But the fact is I have destroyed the path on which I was walking. I need a new path. I suffer. But I no longer wish to make others suffer. I need the Buddha, not Tolle.

16 Oct 12, 10:29
Hi Jukes,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


21 Oct 12, 13:35
Hello Jukes -- How did you destroy the path you were walking on? Do we not always just return to the path, though it may take on different characteristics according to our needs or appear different to us because we are different? These are just questions, not pretensions to knowledge.

I recently went through a period of intense suffering that led me to finding this site, so I can relate to suffering and searching. I have always felt like a spiritual being in a human life, and have walked a ways down several paths. Perhaps I have spiritual commitment issues, but I enjoy a sense of spiritual exploration. I am really enjoying the "Ask a Monk" series on YouTube that I learned about here. Buddhism is definitely magnetic to me, but I am nowhere near talking refuge. I find it is very helpful, though, to keep it in mind. Although the "Ask a Monk" series does emphasize the importance of taking on adherence to the guidelines for belief, lifestyle, and practice as laid down by the Buddha, it also encourages one to be patient with oneself and only take on what we are really ready to take on as it comes to us. It offers and advises meditation, but does not demand it. I have meditated in the past, but somehow do not feel like meditating right now. A friend once said to me, "I do my meditating lying down," and when it comes to being able to focus only on the body and the mental and emotional states, I am prefering that more natural and comforting way of doing it. Just resting into myself.

One issue I have with Buddhism is that it feels rather static to me, and when it comes to working with and understanding emotional states, I prefer something more dynamic, like creative arts therapy. I am a Jungian, in that I believe it is necessary to give body to, make physical, our interior life to come to terms with it.

However, just in the course of becoming a person I feel good being, I have taken most of what are listed as the Buddhist precepts. Lying, stealing and sexual misconduct are permanently checked off, I believe, and in my earlier life I did engage in all three things. I feel so much lighter and better to be free of them. I do very occasionally still engage in very light intoxication, because sometimes I just still need to give myself that leeway in getting through distress, and I do eat meat several times a week because it seems to ground me, and because I think eating vegetables is killing just as much as eating meat, so until we can live on air....

I have just had an upsurge of a great sense of urgency to connect to people, that I have never felt before. I am by nature an introvert and was raised in a rather monastic environment as an only child by parents who were primarily focused on their spiritual growth, so I have always felt at home in solitude and silence. Perhaps this urge to interact is the surfacing of some unmet childhood emotional needs, I don't know. In turning to social sites without a spiritual focus, I can really feel that gap that exists between me and people more given over to the world. It is pointless to me to try to relate around sense gratification or with people who want to avoid deeper issues, and I truly do not want to pollute my life with the kind of psychological behaviors that many people engage in with one another.

I am just expressing myself here. As I said, I'm brand new, too, and still learning how to participate in the site. If I am speaking inappropriately or in an inappropriate place, I am counting on a moderator to redirect me. You could also redirect me if you did not feel any common ground with me.



21 Oct 12, 20:34
If I am speaking inappropriately or in an inappropriate place, I am counting on a moderator to redirect me.

Hi Lorelen,

The guidelines at the beginning of the threads in the "New Member Welcomes and Introductions" forum are as follows:

The New Member introductions forum is just for the purpose of new members introducing themselves and being welcomed to the website.

Discussions take place in the other forums on the website.

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I hope this helps you understand how to participate here. Thank you for your contributions.