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11 Oct 12, 10:17
Hi to you all from sunny March in Cambridgeshire, my names Colin and I live in a small market town, I'm what I suppose you would call a lone Buddhist!! There are no others in the town that I know of. I'm 55 years old soon to be 56, 30th October, I'm in a wheelchair due to a trapped spinal cord so I keep as happy as I can and have a strange sense of humor. I became disheartened with christianity years ago after being told by a minister to get rid of my Buddha stautes in my house as they where worthless and an insult to God!!!
Anyway that's me and may I say many blessings and much metta to you all :hands:

11 Oct 12, 10:24
Hello Colin,

Welcome to BWB, I hope you'll like it here.

with kind wishes,


12 Oct 12, 11:58
Hi oldfenny,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


12 Oct 12, 15:44
Hey Colin, My name is Jim and I'm from Kodak Tennessee in the US. I too got tired of Christianity and needed something more. Back in Feb. I started listenting to Alan Watts, Mooji and Eckhart Tolle. Once I had a taste of Zen I was hooked. I hope to learn more and meet people with the same goals...to become Enlightend. I know what ya mean about birthdays, I'll be 51 tomorrow. Anyway,it is nice to meet you...Good day

12 Oct 12, 21:14
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and I hope to learn more on my path with all of you happy birthday Jim for tomorrow. Many blessings and much Metta, Colin

13 Oct 12, 02:39
Welcome Colin. I understand what you are saying about Christianity. I'm with Gandhi, what was his quote, something along the lines of "I like Jesus, it's Christians I don't like, they are so unlike Jesus" Anyway, that has been my experience time and time again. However, my husband is a universalist christian and he is nothing like the mainstream christians with their fundamental beliefs. I do have three Buddha statues in my house and he does not care at all.

I have struggled for years with terrible depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem etc. etc mostly due to a very difficult childhood. Anyway, since becoming a Buddhist my husband has seen huge, huge changes in me. I am happier, calmer, more patient with our children and we have a way better marriage. It is so unfortunate that the teachings of Jesus have been buried somewhere underneath all the religion that christanity has become. Although I consider myself a Buddhist, I did read the book The Shack, and I would highly recommend it to you, it is an amazing book, regardless of what your personal beliefs and/or religion is. The best part of the book is how angry it makes the fundies lol!!! Anyway, welcome :)

13 Oct 12, 10:22
Thanks for the welcome tjd I too have suffered with depression and found the Buddhist path a great help! As for Christianity here in England its been about power,wealth and control ever since the middle ages. My experience with it was rather extreme, but there are good folk out there, just like your husband.

Thank you all again for your warm welcome, best wishes and much metta Colin

13 Oct 12, 11:07
Looking forward to you joining in the discussions in the forums, Colin! ;D