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01 Oct 12, 16:25
Hi Everyone,

Ever since I moved from Montreal to Toronto I felt a shift in my attitude. I felt further and further away from myself. I tried to adapt to this "Concrete Jungle" but I'm still struggling.
It has come to a point where I'm no longer sure who I am and what is my purpose here on earth or if I even have a purpose for that matter.
I started to read a lot on Buddhism and paid close attention on how we suffer. I concluded that I am suffering very much and cling to my thoughts and maybe even sometimes my past.
I recently joined a Zen Buddhist temple where I meditate with others on Sundays. I feel at ease and at peace when I'm there but the moment I leave, my mind starts to race again.
I no longer want to suffer. I no longer want to feel anxious, sad, angry. I want to let go of "clinging" without "clinging to clinging. I have to feel at peace and happy.

I'm sure I will learn a lot here in these forums.



01 Oct 12, 17:45
Hi asha21_77,

Welcome to BWB, I hope you'll like it here !

Thank you for telling us something about yourself.

If you have any questions for the group please feel free to ask them in our 'Discovering Buddha's Teachings' forum, or in the Mahayana/Vajrayana forum if they're about Zen.

with kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

01 Oct 12, 18:32
Welcome asha21_77!

01 Oct 12, 20:21
Thank you for welcoming me and having me! :-)

02 Oct 12, 08:44
Hi asha21_77,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!