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29 Sep 12, 17:48
Hi there. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I am a 40 year old mother of two teenagers. My marriage of 20 years broke up amicably 3 years ago and my husband and I are still good friends and raise our children together. I was very lucky in that my father introduced me to Buddhism and taught me to meditate in childhood. He did not go out into the wider Buddhist community though, so I have had no other input apart from his views and my own reading. Now I feel the need to explore my spirituality further and to reach out to the Sangha as I feel that I am isolated in this at this time. While I appreciate that my changing life circumstances have a bearing on this I also feel that I have had this pull towards the Dharma and Buddha all my life. Joining here is my first step towards this and I thank you for creating this opportunity for everyone.

29 Sep 12, 18:01
Hello Sarah, I'm English too. :wave:

How wonderful that your father introduced you to Buddhism when you were a child ! Welcome to BWB, I hope you'll enjoy the discussions here.

with kind wishes,


29 Sep 12, 18:08
Hello :-)

Thank you very much. I have been reading through some of them and it is lovely to see people treating one another with such compassion and respect. Thank you for your warm welcome.

Kindest regards

29 Sep 12, 20:21
Welcome Sarah!

30 Sep 12, 14:32
Thank you. :-) Nice to meet you.

30 Sep 12, 16:10
Hi Sarah,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


30 Sep 12, 21:22
Hi Sarah
Welcome, enjoy.

02 Oct 12, 14:18
Thank you all. :-)

Kind regards

02 Oct 12, 15:37
Hello Sarah,
My Father also taught me about Buddhism (he was Buddhist by belief and culture), but not adequately as he was not around in later years. He has been dead for some time as he was considerably older than my mother. My mother was culturally Roman Catholic and by belief somewhat of a hybrid.
I too deepened my Buddhism after a traumatic time (the death of my wife) and I can empathise with your post.
I hope it goes well for you and you begin to feel less isolated.


02 Oct 12, 19:56
Hello & Welcome Sarah to BWB,
I too, have just joined this forum and im also from England.