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27 Sep 12, 17:42
Been reading up on this Buddhist group after I ordained another lay person in a ceremony I didn't quite understand. First, I didn't think they had ordained members (he still dresses like a lay person, but he does have robes), and upon arriving, I was surprised to learn I was to do the ordination. I'm not even involved with that organization, or even a monk. But they kinda put me on the spot, and told me I was to lead the ceremony. I did some reading, and the group has been behind some rather nasty incidents in the past.

Please forgive me if I stepped on anyone's toes. I was just wondering what ya'll's opinions are on this particular group and their teachings. So far, I'm confused, I have heard some crazy stuff. From a $30 Gohonzen, to someone having to hold incense sticks in their mouth.

01 Oct 12, 01:47
I wonder your Soki Gakkai is Soka Gakkai. And no, I am not a member. :)
Soka Gakkai's Lotus sutta which they believe is the ultimate sutta.
I wonder why it is the ultimate sutta?

Peace be with you.

01 Oct 12, 07:53
I wonder your Soki Gakkai is Soka Gakkai.

It is, sorry for the typo haha xD