View Full Version : How to accentuate the Heart Sutra Mantra?

25 Sep 12, 12:50
What's the correct way to pronounce the Heart Sutra mantra?

I want to say it this way:

GAte GAte paraGAte parasamGAte BOdhi SVAha

But I don't know how Sanskrit accents works with prefixes. In ancient Greek they tend to slide back like so:

GAte GAte parAgate paraSAMgate BOdhi SVAha

Anyone know the correct way to render it?

25 Sep 12, 16:22
Welcome GorillaMind!

Here is HH Dalai Lama reciting it :


25 Sep 12, 23:29
Huh. Sounds like:

gate gate PAragate PAraSAMgate

Interesting! Thanks.

19 Oct 12, 13:52
When I studied sanskrit briefly in college, it was helpful to have a teacher for proper pronunciation. The language is breathy and has various dental and labial sounds we don't use as much in English. The next best thing to hearing it is to have a pronunciation guide so I provide this in hopes it will help you. The heart sutra is my favorite and the mantra so amazing.


29 Oct 12, 17:58
What does the mantra mean? Is there a reason that it isn't translated along with the rest of the sutra?

29 Oct 12, 19:07
What does the mantra mean?

An explanation of the meaning is given by the Dalai Lama in pages 129 -131 of his book "Essence of the Heart Sutra - The Dalai Lama's Heart of Wisdom Teachings"