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21 Sep 12, 19:22
My name is Nikita I am in the beginning stages of looking into Buddhism, and am interested in learning more so I am able to understand if it is the right path for me. I have a few questions that may be simple to answer however from my readings I am unable to understand the basics.

so where'd to begin?

Thank you, Nikita.

21 Sep 12, 19:38
Hello Nikita and welcome to BWB !

Please feel free to ask questions in the "Discovering Buddha's Teachings" beginners forum - and we'll do our best to answer them.

with kind wishes,

Aloka :hands:

24 Sep 12, 17:28
Hello & a warm welcome to the forum Nikita

24 Sep 12, 20:02
Hi Nikita

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!