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13 Sep 12, 23:35
I am new to Buddhism in general, coming from a Christian background. After my diagnosis of bipolar type 2 disorder I realized I need to learn how to cope with stress, calm my mind and empty it of all that mind chatter and negative thought that plagues me. (for the record, I am on medication and seeing medical professionals for my bipolar.)

It has been recommended to me to do some form of meditation once or twice a day to help calm my mind. I sit, eyes closed, and focus my thoughts on one clear good thought, allowing all other negative thoughts to fall away. Afterward, I sometimes will pray to God, giving thanks for his wisdom, strength and light.

My goal in this journey is to attain peace of mind and inner strength and focus. I can't find a zen center in my area, so I wondered if you guys could help me understand how to find and follow my path.

Thank you,

14 Sep 12, 10:02
Hi Rosebud,

I only have experience with Tibetan Buddhism in the past - and now the Theravada Forest Tradition, so I don't really know very much about Zen, if that's what you're interested in. However I think "Zen Mind Beginners Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki is a recommended book to read :



with kind wishes

Aloka :hands:

14 Sep 12, 14:56
Thank you so much!

14 Sep 12, 15:49
I've only just begun reading the PDF file and already I have found so much, so many answers I have been searching for to apply to my daily life - how to find peace when suffering surrounds me. Thank you!!

14 Sep 12, 19:50
You are very welcome, Rosebud. ;D