View Full Version : Greetings, friends and neighbors!

13 Sep 12, 19:20
Looks like a quite a fine place you all have here.

I look forward to learning something.

kind regards, be happy for no reason!

13 Sep 12, 19:57
Welcome friendlynobody! Is your screen name a reference to anatta?

13 Sep 12, 20:06
Hi friendlynobody,

Welcome to BWB !

With kind wishes

Aloka :hands:

13 Sep 12, 20:42
Hi friendlynobody,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


13 Sep 12, 21:24
Thanks, Woodscooter, Aloka-D, and Trilaksana!

Trilaksana, yes, I was indeed making a casual reference to the idea of no-self, emptiness, etc. Thanks for picking up on that! : )
Also to the idea of Maitri ("friendliness"), which some Buddhist teachers have said is stronger than many types of "love", since friendliness is cool rather than passionate, less inclined to become overwhelming, and tends toward being focused on many people rather than fewer, the better to develop into bodhicitta. These two qualities are pretty much the primary things I striving to work on, be, aspire to, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to name myself after them!