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Mizu G
11 Sep 12, 02:25
I have been exploring Buddhism and practicing since the end of June. I'll say more about how I arrived at my current spiritual address in another thread on this site. Suffice it to say that my discovery of Buddhist thought and meditation has literally kept me sane during the most difficult period of my life!

So glad I found this forum, as I am practicing solo in an area that is not known for it's open-mindedness! ;D

11 Sep 12, 03:57
Hi Mizu G :wave:

Welcome to BWB ! I hope you'll like it here.

with kind wishes


11 Sep 12, 11:36
Hi Mizu G

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries !


Mizu G
13 Sep 12, 02:20
I know that somewhere on the forum I saw a thread about how one was drawn to Buddhism but can't find it again. Wanted to add my brief story to it.

13 Sep 12, 04:00
Hi Mizu G,

This might be the one you mean in the General Buddhist Discussions forum. If not, please feel free to start another.


Mizu G
13 Sep 12, 15:11
Thanks! That was it, but I think I'll go ahead and start another thread.

13 Sep 12, 17:45
Welcome Mizu G!

Mizu G
13 Sep 12, 18:32
Thanks, Trilaksana! Glad to have found this forum!

15 Sep 12, 11:02
Thanks! That was it, but I think I'll go ahead and start another thread.

Looking forward to reading the new thread.


Two days later 17th Sept... have started "How did you discover Buddhism" in our General Buddhist Discussions forum.