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31 Aug 12, 06:49
Short but sweet version..

My mother taught me to never judge anyone without a basis / understanding of what to judge them.. I read tons of "Holy Books" at 16 the teachings of Buddha.. I didn't get it.. but I liked it a lot.. and then did what I was taught to do with books I gave it to someone else I thought would benefit from it. Then at 26 rediscovered Buddhism.. and dove all in.. and haven't stopped since.. now I'm 36 and still a Dharma sponge.

31 Aug 12, 06:52
Hi Grom

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes

Aloka :hands:

31 Aug 12, 07:01
Very nice. Unconditioning the mind's old habitual tendencies takes time.

31 Aug 12, 08:03
Hi Grom

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries


31 Aug 12, 08:50
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31 Aug 12, 09:13
Welcome Grom, giving away (after examining the content) is the best thing one do with books. I give them to friends or the local library.