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27 Aug 12, 15:25
Is there any way of being notified about answers to posts? I sometimes post things and forget to check on any answers!

28 Aug 12, 08:23
Oh, yes there is a simple way to be notified when a thread is updated.

First, open the thread. By that I mean show posts from the thread on your screen. Then look at the menu bar above the post at the top of the page. It's a strip with a paler yellow background, and it begins with "Thread Tools"

Click on Thread Tools and click on "Subscribe to this Thread" from the pull-down menu.

Next, you have the choice of instant, daily or weekly updates by email. Finally, click the button marked "Add Subscription".

Any time you want to cancel a subscription, click again on "Thread Tools", then click on "Unsubscribe from this Thread"

To manage your subscriptions at any time, you can go to your profile ("Edit Profile" from the main menu bar) and follow the "Subscriptions" link in the left-hand menu list.

Incidentally, you can also subscribe to a whole forum, to receive regular notification of new posts to that forum. Here's how:

From the Buddhism Without Boundaries home page, click on a forum title, then look for "Forum Tools" in the pale yellow menu bar above the thread listing. Click on Forum Tools, then click on "Subscribe to This Forum".

Thanks for asking that question. Quite a number of people might find the answer useful.

Do contact me again here if you have any difficulty following these instructions.

28 Aug 12, 16:24
Hi Woodscooter

Thanks very much indeed for that information.