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11 Aug 12, 00:30
Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new Buddhist from Nebraska (USA). I consider myself a very thoughtful, introspective, and intellectual person (I realize this means I have a belief in a "self" but I haven't quite progressed to that point yet :). I have a few questions the answers to which could help me greatly in walking the Buddha's path. I have browsed the forums quite a bit and I don't believe they've been addressed anywhere else.

Please bear with me as I'm a newbie!!

Love and compassion.

11 Aug 12, 01:19
Hi Elaboration :wave:

Welcome to BWB!

Please feel free to ask your questions in the 'Discovering Buddha's Teachings' forum or in one of the other forums on the website and we'll do our best to answer them according to our own understanding.

with kind wishes


11 Aug 12, 03:54
Be welcome Elaboration,

Glad to have you here.


12 Aug 12, 17:28
Hi Elaboration,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!