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10 Aug 12, 03:37
Here the teaching explains that there is a proper desire. The one that will end desire.

But how?

Brahman Unnabha asks:

"If that's so, Master Ananda, then it's an endless path, and not one with an end, for it's impossible that one could abandon desire by means of desire."

When he was told:

"Brahman, there is the case where a monk develops the base of power endowed with concentration founded on desire & the fabrications of exertion. He develops the base of power endowed with concentration founded on persistence... concentration founded on intent... concentration founded on discrimination & the fabrications of exertion. This, Brahman, is the path, this is the practice for the abandoning of that desire."

Then this clarification was exposed:

"In that case, brahman, let me question you on this matter. Answer as you see fit. What do you think: Didn't you first have desire, thinking, 'I'll go to the park,' and then when you reached the park, wasn't that particular desire allayed?"

"Yes, sir."

[The same for persistence, intent & discrimination...]

"So it is with an arahant whose mental effluents are ended, who has reached fulfillment, done the task, laid down the burden, attained the true goal, totally destroyed the fetter of becoming, and who is released through right gnosis. Whatever desire he first had for the attainment of arahantship, on attaining arahantship that particular desire is allayed.

[The same for persistence...]

After this comes the needed understanding:

So what do you think, brahman? Is this an endless path, or one with an end?"

'Brahmana Sutta' (http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/sn/sn51/sn51.015.than.html)

Are there any thoughts?


10 Aug 12, 04:35
Hi Esho

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10 Aug 12, 04:39
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