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05 Aug 12, 06:58
I've always been dissatisfied by my family's religion, different versions of Christianity. They never seem happy, and overwhelmed by guilt and anger. After years of loose investigations in Buddhism I hit a breaking point when I met a Thai Monk last month. I realized I have been a Buddhist all along, I just didn't have a word for it. I've continued my investigation of the Dharma and I have started to meditated daily. There are no Buddhists where I am now, but I'm moving to Guam in a couple months and I'm excited to be near a monastary. I just wanted to check out what Buddhist forums had to offer.

05 Aug 12, 07:13
Hi maunderingcabal,

Welcome to BWB!

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

05 Aug 12, 08:59
Hi maunderingcabal,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


Johnny Panic
05 Aug 12, 17:40
Hey, maunderingcabal.

A lot of people here seem to have similar stories as to how they arrived at Buddhism, so you're in good company. Welcome to BWB!

05 Aug 12, 23:56
Welcome maunderingcabal!