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29 Jul 12, 22:06
I am 19 year old living in Orlando, FL. As far back as my memory extends, I've struggled with extreme depression and anxiety disorders. I lost hope in almost all things. I'd always been curious about Buddhism, and how to be like Buddha. When I would see his gentle, accepting gaze, and his relaxed sitting posture, I felt that it exuded a sort of radiance which was almost palpable. Out of the many roads in life, I am thankful that my life has led me to Buddhism, for it is filled with love and kindness. I only wish to further embrace the realm of compassion, and I know I will enjoy it along the way. Thanks for reading!:hands:

29 Jul 12, 23:37
Hello Ledgefinder

Welcome to BWB!

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

30 Jul 12, 00:22
Be welcome Ledgefinder,


30 Jul 12, 07:23
Hi Ledgefinder,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


30 Jul 12, 09:08
welcome Ledgefinder & thank you for your lovely introduction. Trusting in the virtues practiced by Buddha will certainly bring peace.