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24 Jul 12, 08:35
Hello everyone

My name is Ralph, I am 32 years old and I live in a small village in the east of the Netherlands.
I am also a father of 3 daughters and I have 3 cats.

I am in a way new to Buddhism, I first started studying Buddhism at 18.. well I started reading books about it and watched documentairies but dispite all the theory I never put it into practice until recently.
And I can say it already changed me positively. for example.. lately I have this urge to help other people and this feeling is totaly new to me, also it seems I can take a lot of pressure while normaly I would get angry very easily.

I realise and accept the fact that I am still standing with both feet in samsara, but slowly I am making progress.
I also realised that in order to become a buddhist it would be a good to interact with other buddhists and that is why I came here.
This looks like a great place to start

Greetings Ralph:hands:

24 Jul 12, 08:38
Hello Ralph and welcome to BWB !

Thank you for introducing yourself, I hope you'll like it here.

with kind wishes


25 Jul 12, 00:27
Be welcome Ralph,


25 Jul 12, 09:08
Thank you :hands:

26 Jul 12, 20:10
Hi Ralph

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!