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20 Jul 12, 22:10
This thread is addressed to anyone who regularly visits Buddhism Without Boundaries using a mobile device.

We have installed an interface to 'tapatalk', which is an app that helps you to read, post and generally be better connected to this forum.

You will probably receive a pop-up message telling you about tapatalk and inviting you to download the app. The message should appear only once, so if you decide to ignore the invitation, you will not be pestered.

Please add to this thread any report of your experience in using tapatalk. If it's useful, tell us so that others can benefit. If it is awkward and cumbersome, tell us about it.

Technical Administrator.

21 Jul 12, 08:00
Thank you WS for setting this up.

I've been using Tapatalk for several weeks now and it works well on the iPhone and iPad, when I first started using it I couldn't really see the point but it's the only app I use for viewing forums now.

If you use several forums you can access them all in Tapatalk flicking between them without leaving the app. Basically it's more user friendly than most forum mobile versions and it seems to upload faster than Safari.

It retains most of the main board functions, like private messaging, signatures and easy photo downloading, it doesn't recognise smilie coding on some forums but it seems to have its own coding. :)

Give it a go, you may love it, you may hate it.


21 Jul 12, 09:07
Thanks Gary ... I am on iPad currently and was asked about the app when I logged in.

01 Aug 12, 02:30
Tapatalk is great for forums. I use it for 3 forums I visit (including this one).