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13 Jul 12, 13:31
I know the question of malas has been addressed quite a bit and I did skim over some of the more recent forums on the topic before opening the subject again. My question is rather specific as I am in the market for a mala.

I have seen alot of beautiful malas with the three spacers, I well understand their practicality for short practices and things but I worry that they would interupt concentration during long practices, kind of breaking thought as my fingers pass over some weird bead.

Any of you wiser forum members have any insight on this?

I know the question seems trivial, but I would not want to purchase something I would never end up using.


13 Jul 12, 17:46

I am not wise however I have used a mala on occasion. I use a Mala with three spacers, Guru bead and two counters. I cannot recall the spacers being an issue, although the counters did initially get in the way when I added them for more numerous recitations etc but it was only for a really short time. you will soon get used to it!


Dave The Seeker
13 Jul 12, 23:11
I also have a Mala with spacers, 4 to be exact. And also I'm not the wisest.
But the spacers really don't bother me at all. As Ngagpa said you'll get used to them.

With Metta, Dave

18 Jul 12, 22:38

Well these are the ones I settled on. They arrived this morning and they are some big beads. For the moment I count prayers like a donkey (or any other animal with hooves). They look nice though... which is probably the last aspect which one could consider important.

The website that sent them gave me a couple free incense sticks too, a nice gesture that warms my heart.

19 Jul 12, 03:33
This is another website for malas etc. Their Sunrise Incense is very nice


19 Jul 12, 09:27
Thanks Aloka-D. I checked out pinklotus and dharmashop. I really wanted to get bodhi seed for the first malas and pinklotus only has one that is sold out. As for the dharmashop, I am based in France and the shipping was a little much for my tight budget and small purchase.

I will probably order from pinklotus in the future as dharma items can be scarce in the french republic.

though looking on the website I am liking the significantly smaller lotus seed malas.

19 Jul 12, 22:43
Ok, in the end I ordered two more malas from pinklotus.

20 Jul 12, 07:27
I find the spacers too confusing, since I pray with my eyes closed, so my mala has no spacers.

02 Aug 12, 22:15
Just a quick question friends. Is there a specific point that I am to attach the counters, like a specific number?


Dave The Seeker
02 Aug 12, 22:29
The counters will be used when doing recitations of a mantra that is more than the 108 beads that are on the Mala.
As in some practices that require 20 Mala's of a mantra, then you can keep count of the number done.

03 Aug 12, 02:42
Just a quick question friends. Is there a specific point that I am to attach the counters, like a specific number?


Counters are usually placed after bead 21 or 27 either side of the guru bead.

There's some information about malas and about counters at khandro net website.


The best place to ask is at your Dharma centre because it's possible that it might vary between the different Tibetan schools.