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04 Jul 12, 19:29
Howdy guys!

I just joined this forum and thought I should just say howdy to you all :D

A brief introduction about me; I'm a student at University, studying philosophy and art history. I recently became a Buddhist when I was suffering from depression, though I still suffer, the meditations have really helped me to come along.
Buddhism for me was the best answer to my life, not only because of the mediation but because it is the only "answer" I have found that makes sense for me, after all, it is all about peace and there really is far too much violence to this life and too much material love.

i'm very much a spiritual person, I believe in ghosts for one thing, and after meditating alot I have had several experiances with my soul-I felt like I was being lifted out of my body, feeling so much lighter-it is like a highness..minus the drugs LOL.

everything else, love philosophy, music, art and animals, i am a vegetarian, though some days I am vegan

Anyways heres my howdy, if anyone has any tips for meditating lemmie know, and I would also love to hear about ppl's experiances about anything spiritual. My yahoo addy is on my profile, would love to chat outside here!

love and peace,


04 Jul 12, 20:01
Hello Lucia:wave:

Welcome to BWB - and thanks for introducing yourself.

if anyone has any tips for meditating lemmie know

We have a meditation sub forum underneath General Buddhist discussions (as well as a "Meditation Room") if you have a question you'd like to ask there.

There are also some resources in a meditation thread in our Study Links section at the bottom of the main forums page.

I would also love to hear about ppl's experiances about anything spiritual.

New topics are welcome in the various website forums.

with kind wishes,


04 Jul 12, 21:20
Hi EnlightenStrike,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


05 Jul 12, 01:20
Hello EnlightenStrike,

Be welcome to BWB!


21 Jul 12, 15:52
Welcome, EnlightenStrike!
People seem to believe a lot in ghosts in the UK! Whenever I visited a museum or stayed at university or a hotel, every place had its own ghost. I can't quite say I believe a lot in that. I'm very pragmatic, like the Buddha and prefer to focus on attaining inner peace.
Hope you find in Buddhism what you're looking for... except the ghosts, I guess!