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25 Jul 10, 07:42

This is an article in the Huffington Post by Ken Mcleod of the "Unfettered Mind " website who is himself a Mahayana teacher.

I wondered if anyone had any general comments on the subject of teachers or on the article.

Seven Types of Teachers

"Teacher, guru, or spiritual friend -- what are you looking for? The spiritual path has many challenges. There are many things we need to learn or develop. A short list would probably include motivation, skills in meditation and prayer, contemplation, etc. Like music or painting, most of us learn better from someone, rather than, for instance, reading a book. When we interact with an actual person, we have to give expression to what we have learned. It becomes alive in us in a way that book learning often does not.

In Buddhism we usually think of a teacher. In Catholicism, the comparable term might be spiritual director. Whatever term we use, this person has a crucial role in our spiritual growth. Role? Actually, it would be more accurate to say "roles." I came up with a list of nine, probably not exhaustive or comprehensive, but perhaps a good starting point. Here are brief descriptions, in no particular order."



26 Jul 10, 00:15
In my personal experience with the Roshi I can recognize in him three main features: Mostly as a Teacher but suddenly I can recognize in him some sort of Mentor in a way because of his experience. I am much more sensible to the how to truly "live" the teachings he gives as a teacher... The other feature, less evident and less important for me is the "Guide" aspect. For the school of Taisan Maetsumi the only guide is in youself.

So I can see for my Roshi 55% Mentor, 45% Teacher and at most 5% Guide.


Medi Man
27 Jul 10, 13:04
I heard the five greatest teachers described as:
Young Children, Old people, sick people, terminally ill people, and people in prisons.

We can learn a lot from observing these most kind teachers.
Their efforts in supplying us with material to work with is endless.