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02 Jul 12, 00:14
i am new to the community on this website, i just wanted to say hello and tell you a few things about me. :)

i am born hasid, and much a student & lover of many religions & philosophies i am finding in this life... all so fascinating!

can't wait to learn all i find here on the site, and i hope & pray to make friends here too :)

nameste! :heart:

02 Jul 12, 01:18
Hello Juju,

Be welcome to BWB!


02 Jul 12, 05:33
Hi Juju,

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

02 Jul 12, 06:46
Welcome, Juju! I'm also new to the site and already growing a lot with all the interesting threads and exchanges with other members. Hope you find what you're looking for!

02 Jul 12, 12:36
Hello and a warm welcome:hands:

02 Jul 12, 15:13
Warm welcome Juju
I have tried to study The Tanya, out of interest. Have you studied it yourself? ;D
I look forward to reading your posts.