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17 Jun 12, 17:34
Greetings All -

My name is Mare, and I'm in my mid-50's, married 37 yrs, have three grown children and a few grandchildren.
I turned away from the Catholic church at the age of 15 or so. From that point up until just a couple of years ago I was a Pagan of the Dianic Tradition (Goddess centered Paganism). I'm also a Reiki Master / practitioner.

I've had a strong interest in Buddhism and meditation for a long time, but decided to walk the Path of Buddhism/Compassion almost two years ago.
I've been meditating with some regularity for many years while on my Pagan spiritual path, for all sorts of reasons. I used mediation for healing, for relaxation and de-stressing, for emotional 'purging' and to regain balance afterwards, to figure out solutions to personal problems or family situations, etc.
I used to meditate by sitting quietly on the floor, or bed. I used to meditate while walking, or even while "dancing" (which was more like stretching and doing yoga to music, really). Knee injury and arthritis in recent years prevents me from 'sitting' lotus, half-lotus or any lotus -- but give me a staight-back chair and I'm good to go! ;)

I greatly admire the Dalai Lama and his message of Peace and Compassion. Even while a practicing Pagan and healer I looked to HHDL and Kwan Yin for inspiration.
I'm currently reading a few different beginner's books (once again) on Buddhism. I'm looking forward to learning different perspectives / opinions here and having a good place to ask questions as well.


PS; I'm also pretty opinionated and enjoy a good, well-rounded, respectful debate or discussion about many topics...
key word being respectful.

The Thinker
17 Jun 12, 17:40
Welcome to the BWB forum :)

best wishes from The thinker ;D

17 Jun 12, 18:20
Hi Mare,

Welcome to BWB

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

17 Jun 12, 18:22
Hi Mare,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


Gnosis Cupitor
17 Jun 12, 19:10
Welcome to the forum, Mare! I hope you enjoy your time here.

17 Jun 12, 19:12
BeTheChange welcome.


17 Jun 12, 20:34
Greetings Mare! :wave:
I am also new to this forum and am much enjoying it so far.

jason c
17 Jun 12, 23:21
welcome mare,
p.s. i'm also opinionated :P great to have you here :hug:

18 Jun 12, 00:38
Be welcome Mare!