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jason c
15 Jun 12, 19:21
i found buddhism indirectly through the writings of eckhart tolle, my practice is vipassana meditation as taught by s.n. goenka. i am very open minded and believe that at the heart of any reputable religion lies the noble 8-fold path(or a different interpretation). my mother is christian and we have had many discussions about the buddha and christ. i have come to these conclusions from my direct experiences through my meditative practice.

i believe there is much confusion in religions today buddhism included, people taking these teachings to lightly and wanting to change them to suit their personal or political needs. this is fine, but for the serious students of the buddha his teachings are rigorous, direct, to the point, and require a great deal of personal sacrifice.

i am very capable of having discussions on sensitive subjects and can be quite opinionated. please know that i have the best intentions during my conversations and that i do not expect all of you to share my beliefs. i do not consider myself to be a buddhist but rather one who practices the teachings of the buddha. i know this is a mouthful but this is who i am and i thought it better to get it out in the open.


15 Jun 12, 19:24
Hi Jason,

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15 Jun 12, 19:25
welcome Jason

happy to see you here. dhamma is for the gladness of the mind

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15 Jun 12, 20:00

16 Jun 12, 00:21
Be welcome to the forum Jason!


16 Jun 12, 01:34
Wow, I am new here too and we both has a similar beginning. Eckhart Tolle really knows how to write his book and charm us into this teaching... LOL