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Sam Vara
09 Jun 12, 22:47
Hello to all who read this. I'm Sam Vega and I have recently discovered this site - it looks very interesting and has a good feel about it.

I am mainly interested in the Theravadan tradition. I live near to Chithurst Monastery in the South of England. I've been attending there regularly for about 14 years, and prior to that I practiced with what was then the "Friends of the Western Buddhist Order" for a couple of years. I first got interested in meditation through studying martial arts, and developed the meditation practice when the body started letting me down a bit....

09 Jun 12, 22:59
Welcome Sam Vega !

How lucky you are to live near to Chithurst. I go to Amaravati when I can, but don't live near to there. I'm wondering if its ok for me to add a 2 on the end of your name and make you Sam Vega2 - or something of your choice. We had someone called samvega joined us a couple of days ago and so it could get a little confusing.

with kind wishes


Gnosis Cupitor
10 Jun 12, 01:00
Welcome to the Forum, Sam Vega! I'm sure you will have alot to offer with so much experience. :hands:

10 Jun 12, 01:14
Hello Dan Dapani :wave:

Be welcome to BWB!

I agree with Aloka... How lucky you are having Chithurst Monastery so near to you :flower:

10 Jun 12, 09:51
Hi Sam/Dan,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


10 Jun 12, 10:36
Name now changed to Dan Dapani as we had 2 samvega's

10 Jun 12, 10:54
Welcome to the forum Dan :hands: