View Full Version : About a monk i listen to

The Thinker
02 Jun 12, 16:42
I found a lot of videos made by ven.yuttadhammo bikkhu on Youtube

Does anyone find his teachings good?

The thinker :hands:

07 Jun 12, 20:35
Hi Thinker,I've never heard of him,but I am intrigued so I am going to You Tube him myself and have a listen.

The Thinker
07 Jun 12, 20:53
Thank you :) I hope you will like his words :)

To me it seems like he has understood a lot but i am not agree with every words he say :)


25 Jul 12, 10:52
Yes I also like his videos and he has made a lot of them on many subjects.

25 Jul 12, 15:00
Some of his stuff is good, but not all of it. I'm sure he means well though, and helps people, and that is good.

23 Aug 12, 02:11
One thing I do not really understand is his view about humor. He seems to think that it is a hindrance to the path, but certainly Ajahn Brahm and the Dalai Lama don't seem to think so.

23 Aug 12, 02:51
I once listened to him but didn't follow very well. I like listening to Ajhan Jayasaro. So much clarity in his words.