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28 May 12, 17:43
dear BWB forum

i have noticed a number of posts of late, which seem to criticise the activity on the forum

can we please try to avoid doing this because it is criticising what others are doing and then prompts others to engage in this similar style of discussion, which they may not actually be inclined

often those criticising the activities are not even following the discussion

if a thread does not resonate with you then please simply avoid it

the Buddhist way is to essentially make your own path, i.e., inquire into Dhamma in a manner to meet your own defined needs

thus, if the flavour of certain activity does not resonate with you, then you can start a thread in tune with your own needs

but please try to avoid criticising the activity of others, when they are engaged in the ordinary activity of a chat forum

with metta

Element (Global Moderator)


28 May 12, 21:21
Thank you for mentioning this Element.

I feel that people probably don't read the Code of Conduct which they agree to when they join the group.

For example...

4.a)Please keep your comments relevant to the topic and don't let threads get derailed with chit-chat, gossip or trolling.


10.If you have a query or a complaint about moderation, or the content of the posts in any topic, please do not write about it in the forums, but contact the administrators or send a private email to --

Thanks and lots of good wishes to everyone. This is a really nice community , lets all try to keep it that way.

Aloka (Website Admin/Owner) :hands: