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28 May 12, 03:05
Greetings online community. It was my karma to come upon people who would lead me home, about seven years ago. I visited the Tara Mandala Retreat and found the book "Mother of the Buddhas" shining at me on the shelf, so i took it home and it read me. I had not been able to read a book in 15 years, due to some acquired brain damage.

I understood it completely, and began to recognize that voice i had learned to trust as an emanation of the Teaching Buddha. Since then, i studied online with four different teachers, in the four different schools of thought, for four years, for an hour a week with each. I was not satisfied with the written word alone, and have meditated at least an hour, twice a day, for over six years now.

I was recently initiated into the Machig Labdron Chod and the Praises to the Twenty-One Green Taras. I am living with three terminal illnesses, and all their paraphanelia, but i am unconcerned. My concern is being reborn in the Lotus. I hope we may share many helpful thoughts and ideas along the way.
Bliss~ Gus

28 May 12, 03:15
Hello Gus,

Be welcome to BWB!


28 May 12, 07:06
Hi Gus

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes


28 May 12, 10:57
Hi Gus4U! Welcome and thanks for inspiring us with your personal story. Happy Cultivating, Tom

29 May 12, 11:42
Thank you each for your welcome! Perhaps i will see you again in the forums soon. Bliss~

02 Jun 12, 09:46
Welcome to the forum Gus and thank you for your lovely introduction :hands: