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18 May 12, 02:37
just kidding. its just a regular introduction. Hi my name is Ben, and I have been interested in Buddhism for a few years now. I would say that recently I have been more seriously trying to practice. I really feel alone in this endeavor for the most part. I have visited a Tibetan Buddhist Center that is about an hour from my house 2 or 3 times.

anyway, I really feel like it would be helpful to be around like-minded people even if it is in the realm of cyberspace. I am very open to suggestions and would like to gain a better knowledge of the Dharma. Thanks :)

18 May 12, 02:51
Welcome Ben!

Johnny Panic
18 May 12, 02:54
You know what...that was actually a little mindblowing.

Welcome to BWB, Ben.

18 May 12, 03:27
Hello Ben,

Be welcome to BWB!


18 May 12, 03:30
Thank you for the welcome everyone :). This is a pretty great website. Thank you to all who helped create and maintain it. I hope that it will become a source of refuge for me and many others struggling to experience the sangha in the United States

18 May 12, 06:01
Welcome to the forum Ben ;D

18 May 12, 08:36
Hi benthebuddhist,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


19 May 12, 01:27
Thank you again kind friends :)