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14 May 12, 21:24
I have been knocked off the beaten path many times! I have past situations that I do not want to make my destiny. I have always been interested in the teachings of Buddhism and I think now, more than ever, I'm ready to take on the teachings. I look to have a fulfilling and happy life by gaining the right insight and guidance to the right destiny I deserve.

14 May 12, 21:31
Hello and Welcome Misunderstood22 :wave:

I hope you'll like it here.

Can I suggest that you read 'What is Buddhism ?' and also listen to the MP3 at the same time by clicking at the top of the page.


with kind wishes


14 May 12, 22:10
Hello Misunderstood22

Be welcome to BWB!

You can have a look at the Study Links section. There you will find reliable resources so to get started.


15 May 12, 05:55
Welcome to the forum Misunderstood22 ;D

15 May 12, 10:54
Hello and Welcome! I also suggest the What is Buddhism article. I've listened to it too and it's just brilliant.

by gaining the right insight and guidance to the right destiny I deserve.
I believe you just need a clear sight of how your mind and this world works in order to be happy. Good luck with your life. :)

15 May 12, 14:03
Thank you all for your kind words and greetings!! Thank you especially for the suggestions and recommendations.

15 May 12, 15:12

15 May 12, 21:17
Hi Misunderstood22,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!