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19 Apr 12, 07:23
Hi there!
Did you know that Kechara House is running ‘SNAP,PRAY,LOVE’, a shrine appreciation photography contest!
We believe that shrines or altars represent the significance of inner peace, love, belief. So snap a photo of your personal shrine and share the joy and love it brings to all!
To find out more today, click here!

26 Apr 12, 07:33
Dear wmw111,

Thank you for the link. I went to check it out. Its quite a cool contest, I love the many shrines on there.

Shows how well one's altar can blend in with the design and concept of one's house! So beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!


26 Apr 12, 07:39
Hi estellec

Welcome to BWB - I hope you enjoy taking part in our discussions.

with kind wishes


29 Apr 12, 10:55
Thank you everyone for your support, it is also a way to encourage people to have their own shrine so they can practice better. Our practice does resolve a shrine.