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19 Apr 12, 04:23
Hello Buddhists! I've been attracted to Buddhist philosophy for a long time before calling myself a Buddhist. I grew up as a moderate Roman Catholic, yet with many years of extensive research and personal experience, I have come to the realization that Christianity is founded on false mythologies and terrible perversions of truth. This was very difficult and unsettling for me to accept, yet has opened my eyes from great delusion and willful ignorance.

I am committed to worshipping the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I have no grudges against the ordinary Christian follower. It is the senseless Bible and corrupt, hypocritical, religious institutions I totally disagree with. Buddhism, on the other hand, is everything it teaches. This is where I am at in my awakening and becoming a Buddha! I search now for greater compassion and discipline in my meditation practice. :peace:

19 Apr 12, 04:32
welcome Bgood

buddhism certainly can maintain excellent integrity, for the most part. buddha taught the teaching we follow is due to the disposition nature provided us. if we are sincere about understanding the reality of happiness & suffering, it is often inevitable we will find our way to buddhism

may all find well-being

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