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07 Apr 12, 13:28
Hello to everyone. I'm not currently a practising buddhist, but recently ive found myself reading and contemplating a lot on the philosophy of Buddhism. So I guess I just want someone who I can ask a few questions and help me along!



07 Apr 12, 13:42
Hi William,

Welcome to BWB ! Please feel free to ask questions in the Buddhism for Beginners forum and members will answer according to their own experience and understanding.

In the meantime you might find 'What is Buddhism' helpful and you can click on the MP3 at the top of the page to listen along while reading the transcript.


With kind wishes

Aloka ;D

07 Apr 12, 14:04
Hi Will and welcome to the site. Like you I am very new to all this and have found the people on here very welcoming and helpful. There seems to be so much information out there and so many different kinds of Buddhism-it can all be rather daunting I find. Advice from another newbie would be to take it at your own pace and ask lots of questions, and enjoy the journey!

With warm wishes,

07 Apr 12, 15:07
Welcome to the forum William ;D

07 Apr 12, 15:17
Ta Joan! Nice to see another brit on here! And thanks Aloka, I listened to it all. I like what he said about not accepting other peoples suffering. Seems like recently, reading like ALL the Wikipedia articles, and coming here, I see the world differently. Like everything seems trivial?

07 Apr 12, 15:19
Thanks Moonfeet!

08 Apr 12, 00:20
Hello William,

Be welcome to BWB!


09 Apr 12, 21:42
I am new as well (: to the site.
I'd love to share with you some experiences and answer some questions if I can :)


16 Apr 12, 09:13
Hi William,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!