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02 Apr 12, 08:07
Hello, everyone!

Since here where I live there are no Buddhist activities (and being religious or spiritual is not very encouraged) I decided to trust the Net in order to meet some fellow travellers on the Dharma path.

So.. erm, I'm not good at introducing myself. You can call me Liwang, I live far-far-away and I write, draw, drink tea and speak nonsense. Most people would call me typical left-handed. (Mostly left-handed, to be accurate. As you see I also have a tendency to correct every little misunderstanding. :) )


02 Apr 12, 08:30
Hello Liwang,

Welcome to BWB !

I'm left- handed, drink tea and speak nonsense too !

with kind wishes,

Aloka ;D

02 Apr 12, 13:40
Welcome to the forum Liwang ;D

Johnny Panic
03 Apr 12, 01:41
Good to meet you, Liwang. I also speak a lot of nonsense, so you aren't alone in that!

Hope you stick around. It's no fun to go any path alone.

03 Apr 12, 08:32
Hi Liwang,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


03 Apr 12, 15:52
Hello Liwang,

Be welcome to BWB.

Some members more less are in a similar situation about living in a location with no Buddhist practices around. So this is a good place to practice and learn.