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Johnny Panic
28 Mar 12, 01:41
Hey, everybody.

Not sure exactly what to say, but...
I'm sort of new to Buddhism. I've been studying it for several years on my own (which I hear is a terrible idea), but never really considered myself a buddhist until recently, and even then only at an amateur level.

I'm very excited to meet some like-minded (or even unlike-minded) individuals, and hopefully learn a lot more. It'll be good to be part of a community instead of studying on my own. Thanks for your time.

- Johnny P.

28 Mar 12, 02:54
Thank you for your time, Johhny P

Please feel welcome to offer your contributions or ask any questions


28 Mar 12, 05:58
Hi Johnny P

Welcome to BWB ! ;D

28 Mar 12, 10:38
Hi Johnny P.

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


29 Mar 12, 10:10
Welcome to the forum Johnny P ;D

01 Apr 12, 01:19
Welcome Johnny P!