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24 Mar 12, 20:26
Hi all,
My name is Dave, I'm 53. I've been a Pagan for a number of years and just recently I have been drawn to find out something of Buddhism.

From what I can see there are quite a few similarities between Buddhism and Paganism. I eMailed someone about this, a few days ago, and he tells me that quite a number of Pagans get drawn to learn about Buddhism.

So that's one of the reasons I joined this forum, to learn and 'talk' with people.

Many Thanks

24 Mar 12, 21:24
Hi Mooncrow,

Welcome to BWB !

Please feel free to ask our members questions in the Buddhism for Beginners forum and browse our Study Links section. I also recommend reading 'What is Buddhism' and you can click on the MP3 at the top of the page to listen too.


with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

25 Mar 12, 06:25
Welcome to the forum Mooncrow ;D

25 Mar 12, 17:44
Welcome Mooncrow!

26 Mar 12, 11:06
Hi Mooncrow,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!