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21 Mar 12, 11:17
I found my self looking for direction and needing to calm myself down. search for purpose not believing in anything for sure i questioned everything soooooo...

i hit the net looking for something and it's on youtube that i found buddhism.

it was a recording of beliefs from the buddhist faith and as i research more i found how it aligned with what i already thought, so here i am the Accidental Buddhist going deeper and deeper as i go.

21 Mar 12, 11:46
Hi BlackTopSurfer,

Welcome to BWB!

You might find reading "What is Buddhism?" helpful, and you can click on the MP3 at the top of the page to listen as well.


If you have any questions about the core teachings of the Buddha, please feel free to ask them in the Buddhism for Beginners forum and we'll do our best to answer them.

We also have a Mahayana/Vajrayana forum and a Theravada forum for any tradition-specific questions you might have.

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

21 Mar 12, 19:25
"accidental buddhists" tuning in to the nature of nature :hands:

22 Mar 12, 08:56
Hi BlackTopSurfer,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


24 Mar 12, 03:47
Hello, and welcome to the forum, friend.

25 Mar 12, 06:23
Welcome to the forum BlackTopSurfer ;D