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20 Mar 12, 17:43
I had a bad falling out with christiaanity several years ago. During my 'faith' crisis I began reading through several religions and sound that Buddhism seemed to agree with most of my beliefs and just felt right.

However, things happened and I abandoned my spirtual quest.

Lately, due to emotional problems I have been having I have began to discover buddhism again and am studying it.

I still do not I identify as Buddhist, I wish to study more

20 Mar 12, 18:03
welcome Atropos Heart

as you are aware, buddhism teaches about the human heart & its potential for creating both suffering & peace. it is not required to identify as "Buddhist" to study the knowledge & methods found in buddhism. in fact, the teachings of natural truth ('the Dhamma') recommend letting go of 'identification' as a way to freedom

the word 'buddha' means 'awaken mind'. 'buddha' is not a person authority figure, similar to a 'god'. 'buddha' was an awakened mind, that shared their insight into how to be free from suffering, to those who were willingly interested

'buddha' or 'buddhism' does not force or require us to do anything because buddhism simply offers knowledge to us. it is us, as individuals, who decide which offering we will accept from buddhism. it is like going to a restaurant. the teachings are like a menu. it is the individual customer who chooses which food to eat from the menu

thus, Atropos Heart, you are most welcome to ask questions & study buddhism here

kind regards

element ;D

20 Mar 12, 18:38
Hello and welcome AtroposHeart.


20 Mar 12, 19:39
Hi AtroposHeart,

welcome to BWB

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

21 Mar 12, 09:46
Hi AtroposHeart,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


24 Mar 12, 03:49
Welcome, friend. I don't identify myself as Buddhist, either. More like a student of the Buddha.

24 Mar 12, 04:46
Welcome AtroposHeart

25 Mar 12, 06:24
Welcome to the forum AtroposHeart ;D