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16 Mar 12, 14:05
Kind friends,

This is the first I've been here, yet I am not so new to the Buddha's teachings. Since 15 years of age, the Buddhavacana has simply captivated me. Although there have been times of alienation for silly reasons, the teachings always draw me back. I'm now 21 and doing my utmost to practice what I am constantly learning.


16 Mar 12, 14:15
Hi Abhaya,

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with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

16 Mar 12, 14:29
Hello Abhaya, :wave:

Welcome to BWB!

Nice avatar!


16 Mar 12, 15:39
Thank you both for the warm welcome.

This image, as you undoubtedly know, is inspired by the following gatha. Udayin Thera (Thag 15.2) is echoing the Buddha's remarks in the Dona Sutta (AN 4.36), Magandiya Sutta (Snp 4.09), and elsewhere in the Nikayas.

As the flower of a lotus,
Arisen in water, blossoms,
Pure-scented and pleasing the mind,
Yet is not drenched by the water,

In the same way, born in the world,
The Buddha abides in the world;
And like the lotus by water,
He does not get drenched by the world.


Especially moving to my mind.


16 Mar 12, 17:56
Welcome to the forum Abhaya ;D

Thank you for sharing your inspiration behind your picture too.

16 Mar 12, 19:21
Welcome Abhaya!

17 Mar 12, 08:52
Hi Abhaya,

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