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11 Mar 12, 15:10
Hi everyone :)

My name is Ruth and I am from the UK. I am currently studying Theology and Religions at the University of Bristol, with focus on Buddhism. My main interests are Emperor Asoka and the material culture of Buddhism. It is really lovely to find a Buddhist community online and I am hoping that some of you maybe able to spare a few moments to help me with my dissertation, which is on the eight requisites (I have posted a thread in the discussion area).

I hope all of you are well!

11 Mar 12, 15:21
Hello Ruth,

Be welcome to BWB!

We hope you can join as regular member here and share with us all what you are learning about Buddhism.

Do you practice Buddhism at an offline group?


11 Mar 12, 15:23
Hi Ruth

Welcome to BWB!

with kind wishes

Aloka ;D

11 Mar 12, 15:54
Hi Ruth,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


13 Mar 12, 12:36
Welcome to the forum Ruth ;D