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06 Mar 12, 11:12
I'm really impressed with this site and am getting so much from it already. Thank you all.

I've been stumbling and bumbling through Buddhadhamma for quite some time. The internet can be both a massive help and an infuriating hindrance I've found these last few years. Now I've settled on a path I'm comfortable with I'll probably not keep spending my limited resources on buying books off the internet that are either plain barmy, cynical cash-ins, or study aids to Doctoral theses with more footnotes than actual content! My local Oxfam must have the biggest Buddhist book section in the UK.

My offline search has been fairly hard-going. I spent a week doing residential volunteering at a centre that I'm fairly certain could be classed as 'cult-like'. It was very powerful mind ju-ju they dished out for a total novice to meditation like myself and some things just didn't seem quite right whilst I was there, and it was only back in the real world (and going on the internet) that I realised my concerns were valid. Some really nice people there, but no one tells me what I should or shouldn't read, let alone what to think. The come-down from that experience was quite intense and depressing for some time. I then spent weeks rushing home from work to go battling through insane traffic (my poor small-town head!) to attend meditation classes at a city-centre-based place that helped in some respects but not much in many others. Again, some great people but just not for me.

After hitting the source material from the Pali Canon I am now going down the Theravada path and have discovered the utter joys of the work of Bhikkhu Bodhi and 'Mindfulness In Plain English' by Bhante Gunaratana. After getting the rather marvellous 'Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist' by Stephen Batchelor for Xmas I then discovered the works of Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein and downloaded some guided meditations off excellent sites like D.I.Y Dharma and Bhuddanet, and all of a sudden things started to 'click' right and I was developing an embryonic regular practice.

I felt there is only so far I could go on my own with online resources so I now attend weekly classes at a Thai Forest place (another fairly long drive but worth it) and all of a sudden I can meditate at home without having to rely on mp3s and I have real live, in-the-flesh people to talk to as well as a 'structure' (I'm clearly someone that needs a structure). I probably don't need to tell you how my total outlook to life has changed.

I can't believe I've just written all that.

06 Mar 12, 11:27
Hello hornets and welcome to BWB !

Thank you very much for your introduction, its good to read it.

With kind wishes

Aloka ;D

06 Mar 12, 11:34
I can't believe I've just written all that.
Sounds great! You have mentioned some very 'down to earth' teachers there thus they should ground you in the real basics

Regards & welcome, Hornets


06 Mar 12, 13:50
Hello hornets,

Glad you have found BWB as a good place.

Be welcome here!


06 Mar 12, 16:33
Welcome to the forum hornets ;D

07 Mar 12, 09:01
Hi hornets,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!

Learning meditation with a real-world off-line group is the most effective way to make progress. I'm particularly glad to hear that you could tell when an off-line group was not right for you, and you moved on. Always trust your own judgment!


09 Mar 12, 20:08
cheers for the welcomes chaps. this site blowing my head in a really good way. all the best to you all