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13 Feb 12, 20:35
I'm a mathematician/statistician from Orlando, FL. I completed my doctorate and quit my job simultaneously, so I'm going to end up somewhere very much else.

I've studied and practiced Buddhism for about a decade now. I was raised Christian and was on my way to the Catholic priesthood when ... complications intervened. :biglol: I'm occasionally distracted by comparative religion, but this is just nostalgia more than any serious doubt. Because I taught nights, I haven't been able to find a local sangha. While I know this isn't a replacement, it'll be nice to have some approximation of a sangha.

I lean towards Theravada whenever Zen becomes too heady. I lean towards Zen whenever Theravada's lists get too long. Beyond that, though, I try to keep my reading and practice broad.

Thanks, all.

13 Feb 12, 20:42
Hi probably,

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes,

Aloka ;D


14 Feb 12, 00:01
Hello probably,

Be welcome to BWB!


14 Feb 12, 23:45
Hi, probably,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries.


15 Feb 12, 07:21
Welcome to the forum probably ;D

15 Feb 12, 09:19
Welcome probably, :wave:

It sounds like you will be going through some changes as you've completed your doctorate and quit your job simultaneously! Good luck on your journey!