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29 Jan 12, 10:12
I've had in interest in Buddhism from a really early age, if, well, 10 counts as early. I grew up christian, on my mom's side, but well, only went to church because she was making me, and it was fun to play with other kids, i didn't really get much out of it, except for a fear of doing anything wrong, and ending up being eternally damned.

From my dad, i had been exposed to various pagan belief systems as he's been on his own search for spirituality, and I've shared with him what I have learned about Buddhism so far, and he's gained a growing interest in it too. But when i was 10, there was a temple that opened up literally right down the street from me. There was a big ceremony, and we went on a tour with one of the monks, i was really shy at the time, so my stepmom asked most of the questions, but ever since that point, i have always been captivated by it, and now, about 11 years later, am finally doing the research i've been wanting, i am finding it to be a very interesting experience, and am hoping to learn even more from this site.

Basically, i don't know really anything about Buddhism at this point, which is why I am glad i found this site. Look forward to talking!

29 Jan 12, 10:33
Welcome purpulstuph and thank you for the introduction !

Basically, i don't know really anything about Buddhism at this point,

It would be a good idea to read and listen along by MP3 to a short introduction "What is Buddhism " which is near the top of the threads in the Buddhism for Beginners forum


There's also 'On the Four Noble Truths'


Feel free to ask questions about the basic Buddhist teachings in the Buddhism for Beginners forum and members will do their best to answer from their own understanding and viewpoints.

with kind wishes,


29 Jan 12, 15:14
Hi purpulstuph,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


29 Jan 12, 15:28
Hello perpulstuph,

Be welcome to BWB,

In addition to what Aloka has recommended, we have at the Study Links (http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/forumdisplay.php?12-Study-Links) section some reliable web pages about Buddhism and what Buddha taught.

Feel free to ask any questions at the Buddhism for Beginners Forum.


30 Jan 12, 06:52
Welcome to the forum perpulstuph ;D

30 Jan 12, 09:49
I've read buddhism for dummies, but that's well, pretty much it, and with some independent research i was able to find out more, but what, wow, i've learned more in the past two days than i have in the past 6 months...

31 Jan 12, 10:01
welcome purpulstuph :wave:

Would you recommend Buddhism for Dummies? It's great that you are getting round to doing the research that you've always wanted to do...


01 Feb 12, 10:58
I actually would. It provides a basic introduction to Buddhism, at least to someone who's already interested. It explains the difference between the different sects (not sure if that is the right term?) of Buddhism. It covers the history and how different systems spread, and also covers meditation briefly. The only problem i have with it is it doesn't provide enough information on any one thing, because of the amount of subjects it tries to cover.