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poiesis hagakure
29 Jan 12, 05:51
I hope that in being here I will grow and help others grow. I believe meditation is very powerful. I believe that compassion should guide all our actions. Yet and still, I am not sure I can call myself a Buddhist. There are many practices I do not follow yet I have a very reverent respect for some of the beliefs... Interconnectedness, the state of 'Satori' that is spoken of in the Hagakure. The Flower 'Sermon.' I hope to be a help to this gathering.

29 Jan 12, 06:11
Hello poiesis,

Be welcome to BWB,

We are a learning community and a debate forum. Your sharing and help to common growth will be welcome here.


29 Jan 12, 06:36
Hi poiesis,

Welcome to the group !

with kind wishes


29 Jan 12, 09:52
Hi poiesis hagakure,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


30 Jan 12, 06:46
Welcome to the forum poiesis hagakure ;D

31 Jan 12, 09:53
Hi poiesis :wave:

Welcome to BWB, I hope we can be of help to you too...