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Blue Jay
27 Jan 12, 03:24
Hi everyone.

I am very happy to have found this forum and this community. I have enjoyed reading through the various sections of this site this evening and I am excited about all there is to learn here. I have so many questions that I don't know where to begin. I plan on spending a lot of time reading first, as I'm sure that many of my questions have been asked before. In fact in my reading tonight I have been struck numerous times at how a question posted or situation described seemed as if it could have been written by me... I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many of us struggle with the same questions and issues though, huh?

Thanks for having me here and I look forward to speaking with you all.


27 Jan 12, 03:48
Hello Blue Jay,

Be welcome to BWB!

Thanks for your sharing. Feel free to ask any question. You can make use of the Beginners Forum.

There we have some resources that can be of help as a starting point about the teachings of Buddha.

At the Study Links section you will find reliable web pages about Buddhism.

By the way, your avatar is really beautiful :flower:


27 Jan 12, 09:43
Hi Blue Jay,

Welcome to BWB !

with kind wishes,

Aloka ;D

28 Jan 12, 08:46
Hi Blue Jay,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


28 Jan 12, 09:01
Namaste and welcome Blue Jay.

In metta,

30 Jan 12, 05:45
Welcome to the forum Blue Jay ;D

31 Jan 12, 08:52
Hi Blue Jay, :wave:

I hope you find lots of answers here... Don't be afraid to post your own questions too!