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25 Jan 12, 10:12
I was looking at this short transcript of a talk ''The Proliferating Mind'' and wondered if anyone had any comments .



"The Buddha pointed to three fundamental drives that tend to cause the mind to fall into proliferation. The first one is around sensuality: the seeking after sensual gratification, pleasure, comfort. It isn’t to say that being comfortable or experiencing that which is pleasant is wrong in some way. But it’s when the desire is there, then we lose our freedom. When we sense that we have to experience this or we have to get that in order to be happy, when we’re not happy on our own, then we’re overwhelmed by sensual desire.

That’s what desire is. The mind is always compelled to seek something that’s more comfortable, something more pleasurable, something more gratifying. The whole nature of our economy is built on that. The advertising slogan for American Express is: take the waiting out of wanting. You know, they’re very successful. Canada pretty much functions like America. The society is driven by credit card debt. You can’t really stop working because you’ve got payments to make. There is that compunction to try to fulfill or gratify ourselves in some way. It covers many areas of our life."


26 Jan 12, 02:41
Lots to reflect on in this article .. in particular the ideas about well being and the important distinction between experiencing that which is pleasurable and being driven by sensual desire ( I am going to a family get together, it is a holiday here in Australia to commemurate Australia Day ... so can not comment further right now )