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16 Jan 12, 23:29
I was taught by a Buddhist teacher this night practice:

"go to sleep
midnight wake up

108 bows
30 min of sitting
108 bows
30 min of sitting
108 bows
30 min of sitting

about 3:00am FINISH"

We tried in a centre. It was powerful.
One teacher told me that 1 night practice=1 day of retreat because time 0:00-3:00 is double as YIN equals YANG.

Have you tried anything similar?

17 Jan 12, 00:06
Interesting...nope havent tried it.

Could you furnish us...
1. the name/link of the teacher and centre?
2. On what basis is the equation of 1 night=1 day retreat with its ying yang attribution founded on?
Buddhist teaching, Taoist texts or some syncretic stuff?
3. Is this a daily practice or just a one off/weekend thingy?
If it was the former, how is that complementary with the usual work schedule of most people?

17 Jan 12, 00:56
I am a practising Buddhist all my waking hours.



17 Jan 12, 11:38
The following links contain contact with the zen teacher/monk I learnt this night practice from. She learnt this in Korea. She has a koan studio and beautiful paintings - I bought one of them(sitting Buddha).

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12329430 - video Dharma talk in English
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvnJZGzyZq4 - her paintings
http://www.myspace.com/myongoh - photos
http://studiokoan.za.pl/ - her own business

Let's do the night practice, shall we?
We would have to decide on which day 17th, 18th, 19th...
I did this practice only once about 10 years ago and I really want to do it again because practice at night must be different since Great Zen Master Seung Sahn did 1000 bows a day all his life and guess at what time?... 2am...

17 Jan 12, 22:34
or perhaps achievements are reserved for masters only and we, students, can only talk about night practice, or any kind of practice.
Please join me! I want to do this hard practice(you can do a different Buddhist practice of course) together as I lack in patience and perseverance. Who is willing to practice with me 0:00-3:00 on 18th, 19th.... I can do it on any day you like. One post from one of you and I promise I will do it.

28 Jan 12, 09:12

I would never be able to do this. As a working single mother I simply can't sacrifice three hours's sleep and still function at work, school and home. Each night before I go to bed I try to do meditation with my mala beads. I also try to make one of my breaks at work, the time I sit in mindfulness meditation for 15 mins. I also try to live the Noble Eightfold Path - try being the objective.

However, if you can do the practise you describe above, that's fantastic.

In metta,

03 Feb 12, 11:05
I know a woman who practised every day 0.00-2.00 for 2h(mostly bowing but also sitting) and strangly she confessed that she was not sleepy at work. Later she became a Buddhist teacher. ZM Seung Sahn did 1000 bows at 2am every day of his life.

03 Feb 12, 17:54
When do you go to bed when you practice this. Does it matter how long
you sleep before you wake up to practice this?

03 Feb 12, 21:15
You go to bed at 10pm, wake up at midnight then 108 30 108 30 108 30 and(about 3am)go to sleep.
I have done this once(the next day very, very strange things happened during the day). I want to do it again, who will join me? If somebody joins me, I will do it together, I really want to practise at night, there is so little thinking then... After coming back from the toilet at night I sit for a while and, and, and it is so calm...please try it and you will see...

06 Feb 12, 08:32
I woke up at 4am, sat for 10 min and couldn't sleep anymore. Bowed 108, sat, bowed 108, sat, bowed 108, sat and went to bed. Night is a good time for practice, nothing bothers you. Thank you God for creating Day and Night.